Party Details

Ann and Roly’s next Kinky Saturday will be on 2nd August from 9 pm -2 am.  This event is for anyone with an interest in BDSM.  So no matter whether you are an expert, just beginning or even just curious come and join us.  Last months party proved to be a very good one so come along and check us out.  Ann and Roly cannot make this one so we are leaving you in the very capable hands of Rick and Rhonda but we will be back for the daytime one and September.
We provide an nice friendly atmosphere where people can come and try out things and learn or share their knowledge.
We have a mixture of Dom/Dommes, male and female subs, male and female switches and we also welcome TV/CDs

We have a St Andrews Cross, Spanking bench, Cage and the very popular and versatile Roly’s Poles.  We have chains on one of the beds so we can tie down several people at once if need be, We also have a good selection of floggers paddles and other  equipment for the use of anyone who wants to try it.  There will be a violet wand for those who would like to experience this exciting sensation.
Dress code is simple.  Come in what you like.  We have ladies and guys who love their pvc and leather others just come in smart casual wear.  As a swinging venue nudity while not compulsory  is encouraged as is the swinging itself.
The important thing is you come along try new things but above all have fun.
There will be a free buffet for your enjoyment and also drinks on sale.  If you have particular alcohol that you drink you are welcome to bring it but please do not bring soft drinks.  Because of the nature of these parties we have to be very strict and say only people on the guest list will be admitted.  We try to make sure we have a good balance of people to ensure the success of the party and the enjoyment of the guests.  If you find you can suddenly attend the give us a call before you come.

At some of the parties I have had complaints from some of the ladies about the behaviour of some of the guys.  So I have decided to write some rules of etiquette.

1 Please don’t automatically assume you can grope any lady that is present.  Although some of the ladies are submissive they deserve respect and ask if you want to play.  Being submissive does not mean the ladies are there for anyone to grope as they feel fit.  And if she says no then please respect that.

2 While watching a play scene please do not stand around making unnecessary remarks.  Play can be very intense for both the person giving (Top/Dom) and the person receiving (Bottom/sub) and the mood can be spoilt by thoughtless remarks.

3 Do not get to close to the play.  It needs room to swing a flogger or whip properly and the person doing the flogging does not need to be having to watch out in case they hit somebody else by accident.

4 Do not join in without asking or being invited and if invited please do join in.  It very often adds to the enjoyment of the person on the receiving end.

5 If asked to stop do so at once.  There will be a reason for it.

6 If a female sub has gone into “subspace” please let the Dom care for her and please do not attempt to force yourself on her while she is out of it.

7 Please come along and enjoy yourself and learn and try new things but respect the wishes of other people.

8 Never be afraid to ask questions but make sure they don’t interrupt play.

9 Never be afraid to ask for something that you want to see or try,

10 Make sure all play is safe sane and consensual
For more details contact Ann on or Roly on

Once again we will be having another of our midweek Kinky Wednesday on 6th August 10am -3 pm so if you can’t get away in the evenings or weekends and you are free during the day come and join us. Last months party proved to be one of the best yet so if you missed it come along and see for yourself. On this occasion we will provide buffet and all drinks which will be soft drinks tea coffee or chocolate.

Cost for both is £20 couples and £40 single guys.  Single ladies free



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